ShipMyPacket is a dynamic freight forwarder by air in Delhi having a lot of experience and expertise. We are a top-notch leading player in the market when it comes to effective handling, inspection and loading of goods. We consider every minute detail while doing the process to get it done effectively.

We at ShipMyPacket play a very vital role in importing and exporting the freight across the international borders. We do a variety of tasks at hand to carry out the complete process smoothly. Let us depict out the working methodology and how we work so distinct in the market.




Transaction of the Carrier

We are quite efficient and adept in doing so. We as a freight forwarder by air have keen insight and perform this task with utmost diligence keeping in view the safety of Cargo.


We as a global freight forwarder holds negotiations which help in reducing the overall cost associated with the process. ShipMyPacket Courier and Cargo has a regular transaction with various airline companies.

Trust Building

We believe in having cordial relations with all our esteemed clients and their satisfaction is our topmost priority. We at ShipMyPacket Courier and Cargo work on trust-building phenomena.

Role of ShipMyPacket as Air freight forwarding company:

We as an international freight forwarder are hired by both importers as well as exporters to get their cargo transported with ease. The entire supply chain process is organized by us. Thus we mainly act as a mediator.

Our main operations revolve around the three core processes:

  1. Handling of export and import
  2.  Clearance of custom duty
  3.  Transport by Air and delivery

ShipMyPacket actively take these processes and deliver the product safely to its destination.