ShipMyPacket is a leading freight forwarder based in Delhi having an impeccable experience of this niche. Apart from having a wide range of experience of 20 years, we at ShipMyPacket have become a giant in providing the freight forwarder services.Our expertise lies in providing the best possible transportation mode to ease the entire process so that the product can reach the destination as soon as possible. We aim to arrange the transportation between manufacturer and supplier.




We make minor changes in the price depending on your needs and make arrangements accordingly. We are a leading freight forwarder services provider in India and thus we will get you the best rates available in the market.


ShipMyPacket is a leading freight forwarder in India and is always prepared to tackle sort of emergency condition that may arise in the way. In times of any calamity, we even plan accordingly and instantly with great ease.

Hassle Free Movement of Goods

We are well versed in the ongoing requirements related to logistics of several countries. Thus we have cordial relationships with numerous carriers. Any sort of documentary requirement or custom clearance is our core responsibility.

Why Choose Us Over Others?

  1. Optimization of routes:We are a part of an extensive trade network and our main aim is to minimize the time taken for the transportation of goods. Thus for this, we optimize the best possible route to be taken to make the process less cumbersome. It depends on your will which helps us to optimize the route.

  1. Insurance facility:Being one of the leadingfreight forwarder companies, we at Balaji can’t ignore the insurance aspects which must be attached to the transportation of goods. It is a method which helps to prevent and secure your good so that it can reach safely at the destination. Thus, we provide you with insurance for your goods. Thus, your goods become secured from any sort of miss happening or physical damage that can occur during the transportation process.

  1. Inventory Management:Balaji is a one-stop solution for providing storage; handling, packaging and distribution of the goods in one go. We are well equipped with warehouses not only from a storage point of view but also from handling and sorting. We also provide facilities such as strapping, labelling as well as reverse logistics.

Thus, we are known to provide the top-notch service in forwarding your freight across the various international borders. Our high-end contacts with various specialized teams make the entire work possible in the best possible way. Infect, it is our expertise that we are known to impart the best freight forwarder in India as compared to others. We are simply infallible when it comes to route optimization and time management.