We are one of the leading Freight forwarding companies based in Delhi having an enormous exposure of freight forwarding by sea. We deal in forwarding every sort of goods which you want to be exported or imported via sea route smoothly. It is our dedication and deep knowledge of the work that we are recognized as a leading global freight forwarder. We are one step ahead of others in terms of commitment and involvement in work.

We at ShipMyPacket  are a highly competent company and we make the entire forwarding process quite easy.




Export Haulage

This is the first step involved in the process. It involves movement of the product from the premises of the shipper to the forwarder. Generally, the product gets transported by road or rail. It forms the foundation part.

Custom Duty Clearance

We know each and everything about the custom and its clearance. Although it involves a lot of paperwork and red-tapism it is work headache to get the job done quickly.


ShipMyPacket Courier real job starts from here. We handle this process quite systematically to minimize loss while loading the goods into the ship.

Factors that make us Unique and Remarkable in the Entire Market:

  1. Efficiency: ShipMyPacket has a track record of safely forwarding the freight of various clients and this proves our efficient handling activity. We as a Freight forwarder by sea are recognized all across the nation.
  1. Exposure: When it comes to exposure, we have a great experience in dealing with the forwarding work. Whether it is dealing with customs officials or having contacts across the borders the several nations, we are one step ahead.
  1. Deadline oriented Approach: We value the time and thus take steps accordingly to finish the work as soon as possible. Our core approach is dependent on this principle and thus we are very adept in this part.
  1. Transparency: This is our priority. We lucidly do the entire work to avoid any sort of controversy. Thus every step that we perform is based on certain ethics and guidelines which make us stand apart from others as a global freight forwarder.
  1. Vision: We have a set of principle and a broad vision. We handle every task with utmost sincerity so that we can win the trust of our esteemed clients. We are highly inclined towards the future and this works on trust-building very effectively.